October 2019 - Denver Broncos Wiretap

Joe Flacco Questions Denver's Conservative Playcalling

Oct 28, 2019 9:26 AM

Joe Flacco questioned the playcalling after the Denver Broncos' 15-13 loss to the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday.

The Broncos led for most of the game, but lost on Adam Vinatieri's 51-yard field goal with 22 seconds to play.

"Well, c'mon, I just look at it like we're now a 2-6 football team, and we're like afraid to go for it in a two-minute drill, you know?'' Flacco said. "Who cares if you give the ball back with a minute, 40 seconds left? They've obviously got the field goal anyway.''

Pushed on the Broncos' late-game offense, Flacco added: "Once again, we're a 2-6 football team and it just feels like we're kind of afraid to lose a game. It's third-and-5 at the end of a game, who cares if they have a timeout at the end or not? Getting in field goal range isn't that tough, you're just putting your defense in these bad situations and I just felt like what do we have to lose? Why can't we be aggressive in some of these situations? That's kind of how I feel a lot about the game today.''

Jeff Legwold/ESPN

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John Elway: Drew Lock Isn't Ready To Play Now

Oct 24, 2019 8:59 AM

The Denver Broncos might be tempted to move on from Joe Flacco amid a 2-5 start, but the team doesn't feel rookie Drew Lock is ready to take over.

Lock, a second-round pick, is expected to start practicing again soon, in hopes of returning from the broken thumb that landed him on injured reserve.

Injury not withstanding, John Elway indicated during a recent interview that Lock isn't close to ready.

"I will say this: The most important thing for a young quarterback is not to put him out there before he’s ready," Elway said. "So that is the most important thing and if he's not ready, we're not going to put him out there. That is the key thing. And as you know dealing with quarterbacks, it's a very tough thing because if you don't put him in a situation where he has a chance to be successful and he's not successful, the whole roof will cave in. So we have to make sure that Drew is ready when he does get in there, if he does get in there.

"We're still in the process of evaluating that. He is not ready to go right now, I will tell you that."

Nicki Jhabvala/The Athletic

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Emmanuel Sanders Happy Following Trade: 'Needed A Change'

Oct 24, 2019 8:48 AM

Emmanuel Sanders is getting used to his new team after the San Francisco 49ers acquired him in a trade with the Denver Broncos earlier this week.

Sanders goes from the two-win Broncos to the undefeated 49ers.

"It feels good [to be here]," he said. "Obviously, I've got a lot of love for the Broncos. I spent six years there, won a Super Bowl there and I love that organization. But to be a 49er, it's like a new energy and new environment. It reminds me of when I left the Steelers and went to the Broncos.

"I needed a change of scenery, and it feels good to have a change of scenery. And what a great locker room the 49ers have here. I'm just trying to come in and bring even more positive energy and bring another spark to this offense."

Sanders met with John Elway after a Week 6 win against the Tennessee Titans and they mutually agreed it was time for the receiver to move on.

"Me and John had a conversation in terms of the direction that I wanted to go and me expressing that," Sanders said. "He listened. And hearing that, hearing the trade rumors, I think we both decided that it was best for me to go. You know, we got two more years left -- or three more years left -- of playing football, and I'm trying to win a championship, and obviously, we've got a young locker room over there. So we both made the decision that if a trade comes about, that he would keep me posted and possibly trade me."

Nick Wagoner/ESPN

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49ers Acquire Emmanuel Sanders From Broncos

Oct 22, 2019 3:10 PM

The San Francisco 49ers have acquired Emmanuel Sanders and a fifth round pick from the Denver Broncos for third and fourth round picks.

The 49ers also had interest in trading for Mohamed Sanu before the Atlanta Falcons dealt him to the New England Patriots.

Mike Klis/9News

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De'Vante Bausby: I Couldn't Move For 30 Minutes After Hit

Oct 9, 2019 9:47 AM

De'Vante Bausby, who was taken off the field Sunday on a backboard after colliding with a teammate, says he "couldn't move'' for 30 minutes after the hit.

The Denver Broncos cornerback hopes to return to the field soon.

"Strengthen my [neck] muscles again and I'll be good to go,'' Bausby said.

He was asked if he was nervous or afraid after the incident.

"Little bit. ... I was never unconscious," he said."I just couldn't move, but I was still talking and everything. The doc, the neurologist said I was going to be fine and I just trusted that, and after about 30 minutes I was able to wiggle my toes and after a couple hours I was able to regain full mobility, so I was straight, I was fine. ... They said I was paralyzed for 30 minutes; after 30 minutes I could wiggle my toes and after two hours I could move everything else."

Jeff Legwold/ESPN

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