Patrick Mahomes: I Hope Our Country Can Learn From The Injustices
Deion Sanders Pushes For An Antonio Brown Comeback
DeSean Jackson: Players Should Wear Microphones If Stadiums Are Empty
Richard Sherman: 'Awesome' More White Athletes Are Speaking Out
George Kittle Looking For More Than Top TE Money
EA Delays Madden 2021 Event To Help 'Drive Change'
Dee Ford Underwent 'Extensive' Knee Surgery After Super Bowl
Brian Flores Releases Statement On George Floyd
Mike Zimmer: Stefon Diggs Wasn't An Issue
DeAndre Hopkins: I'm Best Wide Receiver In Football

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NFL Fumbles Again With Its Incentive-Based Racial Hiring Program

by Jeff Risdon

This proposal is the latest attempt by the NFL to wrestle with the embarrassing lack of people of color being in positions of power and consequence in a league where over two-thirds of the players are people of color.

Schedule Release Reinforces Why The NFL Is The Best And The Worst

by Jeff Risdon

There is self-importance and then there is the National Football League. The annual schedule release extravaganza reinforces why the NFL is both the best of America and the worst thing in sports.

2020 NFL Mock Draft: Final Three-Round Edition

by Jeff Risdon

The final mock draft is a rite of spring even if most honest analysts will admit this is one of the most difficult drafts to predict in years.

2020 NFL Draft Wagers: Props To Profit

by Jeff Risdon

The NFL Draft can be a lucrative gambling opportunity for folks with chutzpah, good connections and a nice bankroll. Especially this year due to COVID-19 making this unlike any draft we've had in decades.

The What I Would Do 2020 NFL Mock Draft

by Jeff Risdon

Nearly every time Jeff Risdon does a mock draft, it's his attempt at projecting what the NFL teams will do in the given situations. Not this one. This time it's all about what he would do if he were the GM for each team.

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