Our NFL Team Rankings are based entirely on the The Trench Counter, which is an objective formula measuring average yards per pass and run on both offense and defense, along with first downs registered and given up, turnovers for and against, and total penalty yards. 

Over time, The Trench Counter rankings begin to closely resemble the standings but goes even further to determine which teams are truly the best when on the line of scrimmage. 

The chief aim of the Trench Counter is to take the subjective out of the equation and even the somewhat fluky nature of teams actually scoring points, which is of course the whole point on a game-by-game basis.

1San Francisco 49ers:11.0
2Baltimore Ravens:8.7
3Miami Dolphins:7.2
4Dallas Cowboys:4.0
5Buffalo Bills:3.6
6Detroit Lions:3.1
7Los Angeles Rams:2.9
8Cleveland Browns:2.4
9Houston Texans:2.0
10Minnesota Vikings:1.7
11Kansas City Chiefs:1.5
12Jacksonville Jaguars:1.5
13Atlanta Falcons:1.2
14Philadelphia Eagles:0.3
15Indianapolis Colts:0.0
16Green Bay Packers:0.0
17New Orleans Saints:0.0
18Pittsburgh Steelers:-0.4
19Chicago Bears:-0.5
20Tampa Bay Buccaneers:-0.6
21Denver Broncos:-2.4
22Las Vegas Raiders: -2.5
23New England Patriots:-2.9
24Cincinnati Bengals:-3.1
25Seattle Seahawks:-3.4
26Los Angeles Chargers:-3.4
27Tennessee Titans:-4.0
28Arizona Cardinals:-4.8
29Washington Commanders:-5.4
30New York Jets:-5.4
31New York Giants:-6.0
32Carolina Panthers:-6.3