December 2019 - Dallas Cowboys Wiretap

Cowboys, Jason Garrett To Meet For Second Time

Dec 31, 2019 8:15 AM

Jason Garrett met with Jerry Jones on Monday and will do so again on Tuesday as the coach's status remains in limbo.

Garrett's contract expires on Jan. 14, but Jones said after Sunday's season-ending win over the Washington Redskins that there was no timetable for a decision.

A large portion of Cowboys assistant coaches have expiring contracts as well and can begin seeking jobs.

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Jerry Jones Mum On Timeline For Decision On Jason Garrett

Dec 30, 2019 8:55 AM

The Dallas Cowboys beat the Washington Redskins in their season finale, but missed the playoffs.

Jason Garrett's contract is set to expire as the Cowboys finished 8-8 for the fourth time in his nine years as coach.

Dak Prescott is also unsigned, which could bring numerous changes to the franchise.

Garrett's status has been in question more than anything else.

"I'm not going to get into it at all, an evaluation or an assessment," Jerry Jones said. "I'm not. I'm going to do exactly what I always do and get up, go forward and do the best job that I can. We'll make those decisions accordingly."

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Oddsmakers Give Jason Garrett 83.3 Percent Chance Of Being Fired

Dec 27, 2019 4:33 PM

Oddsmakers at expect Jason Garrett to be fired by the Dallas Cowboys this offseason.

Will Jason Garrett be fired by Week 1 of 2020 season?
Yes -500
No +300
(83.3% implied probability Garrett will be fired)

RealGM Staff Report

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Jason Witten Will Decide On Future Quickly After Season

Dec 27, 2019 8:24 AM

Jason Witten won't allow his NFL future to linger this offseason.

"Sure, it's a possibility," Witten said when asked if Sunday's game could be his last. "I'm aware of that, but really, one of the things when I came back to play I was committed to going out there and playing every game and opportunity. So fortunate to do it. There will be time to make that decision, but I do not envision this being my last game."

Witten returned to the Cowboys in 2019 after spending one year as ESPN's "Monday Night Football" analyst, signing a one-year deal.

When the Cowboys' season ends, Witten said a decision on whether he'll continue to play will be "pretty quick."

To make the playoffs, the Cowboys need to beat Washington and have the Philadelphia Eagles lose to the New York Giants.

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Jerry Jones: We All Expected To Leave Philly As NFC East Champs

Dec 22, 2019 11:05 PM

The Dallas Cowboys will almost certainly miss the playoffs after losing 17-9 at the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 16. The Cowboys need to beat Washington in Week 17 with the Eagles losing to the Giants.

"When you get in this spot, you give yourself a chance to be real disappointed. We are," Jones said. "The fact that we didn't get any [touchdowns], the fact the game turned out the way it did, they played well. Not a lot to say about anything else other than it's very disappointing. We all expected to leave here as NFC East champs. We're not. We'll just go to Washington."

The Cowboys began the season 3-0.

"Frustrating," Dak Prescott said. "Sat here after every game pretty much, win or loss, and said the good part about it is we control our own destiny. That's gone. That's out of our hands. And that's unfortunate. It's very disappointing because we had the chance, right? We had the chance to control our destiny and be where we wanted to be. But now that it's out of our hands, we've got to control what we can control, and that's getting a win next week."


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NFL Office Stepped In Amid Confusion Over Rams-Cowboys Coin Toss

Dec 16, 2019 7:46 AM

The NFL stepped in Sunday to reverse the team set for the second-half kickoff in Sunday's game between the Los Angeles Rams and Dallas Cowboys, an unusual move that corrected a mistake made during the pregame coin toss.

After the Cowboys won the toss, Dak Prescott first told referee Walt Anderson that "we want to kick it," but then followed up with: "We defer to the second half."

Anderson replied, "You're going to kick," meaning the Cowboys had used their choice to kick off rather than to defer. The Cowboys kicked off to start the game and were set to kick off again to open the second half. At halftime, however, Anderson informed both teams that the NFL office in New York City had heard Prescott's request to "defer" and that it should be honored.

According to the NFL, the league office was authorized to step in under Rule 15, Section 3, Article 9 of its rule book. It states: "The replay official and designated members of the officiating department may consult with on-field officials, or conduct a replay review, of game administration issues, including: (a) penalty enforcement; (b) the proper down; (c) spot of a foul; and (d) the game clock."

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Troy Aikman Has Interest In Becoming NFL GM

Dec 10, 2019 9:27 PM

Troy Atman has interest in running an NFL front office.

Aikman has been an analyst for Fox since 2001.

“It’s something that I guess I’ve always somewhat entertained,” Aikman said, on 1310 The Ticket. “I’ve had a chance to talk with [Broncos General Manager] John Elway in previous years. I’ve visited with [49ers General Manager] John Lynch, and the decision that he made to take on that job in San Francisco, and I’ve said many many times, I still believe there’s another frontier for me — maybe there’s not — but I believe that there is, and I think that might very well be it. It’s something that I think would be very challenging. I’d be giving up a lot to leave the job that I have to take on a role like that. It’s an all-consuming job and I certainly recognize that, but I think the challenge would make it worthwhile.

“Now whether or not I’m ever afforded that opportunity, we’ll see, but with each year that passes, the likelihood of it happening becomes less and less. I understand that more and more teams want to go young and kind of groom somebody that’s gonna be there for the long haul, but relatively speaking, I’ve got a lot of great years left and I feel that having been in a championship locker room and knowing what that looks like, what that feels like, and then I guess my job now as a broadcaster, I’ve been in those organizations.”

Aikman knows it is unlikely to happen with the Dallas Cowboys due to presence of Jerry Jones.

“I doubt it. I mean, I think that’s a real long shot,” Aikman said of being the Cowboys’ G.M. “I believe that it’s unlikely that Jerry will ever bring somebody in that can help this football team in that regard just because he’s been real stubborn and steadfast, in that he’s the one in charge. I think in a lot of ways until that changes, this team’s going to have some problems. Would he ever ask me to come be a part of it? I think that’d be a real leap of faith. I don’t envision that happening, and I don’t envision it happening at any point, quite honestly, no matter who’s in charge out there.”

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Cowboys Won't Make Coaching Change This Week

Dec 6, 2019 8:54 AM

The Dallas Cowboys dropped their third straight game on Thursday night against the Chicago Bears, but Jerry Jones isn't ready for a coaching change.

"We'll line them up here next week," Jones said. "We're going to go practice, and we're going to try to win a football game. Everybody that's in here that's healthy will be playing, and everybody who is in here coaching will be coaching. We've just got to play better."

Dallas has lost seven of 10 since opening the season with a 3-0 record. They remain atop a struggling NFC East despite a 6-7 mark.

Charean Williams/Pro Football Talk

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