Jalen Hurts hopes the Philadelphia Eagles find continuity at offensive coordinator with the hiring of Kellen Moore.

"I think as a player, I definitely yearn for the sustainability and the consistency there. ... As a quarterback, I yearn for those things in a playcaller and a quarterback coach because you kind of see how consistency in those areas can breed excellence," Hurts said.

"I find myself in a situation very similar to college in terms of having a constantly revolving door in terms of coordinators and coaches. But I've always managed to have success in it, so that's always been a good thing, because you've been able to learn from people and apply it."

Hurts had continuity at offensive coordinator for the 2021 and 2022 seasons under Shane Steichen, but he left the Eagles to become head coach of the Indianapolis Colts.

Moore is expected to be "in charge" of the offense, per Sirianni's phrasing, with Sirianni taking on a more macro-level role after being the chief offensive designer for his first three seasons in Philadelphia.