Derrick Henry is one of the newest members of the Baltimore Ravens, but the running back had his sights set on signing with another team in free agency.

Henry, who resides in Dallas, admitted that it could have been an ideal situation for him to sign with the Cowboys.

The Cowboys never showed interest, leading the running back to remain in the AFC with the Ravens.

"I knew once free agency started that I wanted to work something out [with the Ravens] if we could," Henry said recently on The Pivot podcast.

"Even though I'm living in Dallas and Dallas being a perfect situation, as well, because we lived there, we ain't got to move. But at the same time, Ravens, the history of it, and then talking to Ray (Lewis) at the Pro Bowl, his passion about the organization, his impact there and how he talked about it. I was like, man, if I'm not in Tennessee or I don't get to go to Dallas, I'd love to be a Raven."