Aaron Rodgers wants his New York Jets teammates to do a better job of handling adversity.

Rodgers, in his weekly spot on "The Pat McAfee Show," said that he didn't care for the sideline behavior during Sunday's 15-10 loss to the New England Patriots.

"I think we need to hold our poise a little bit better across the board," Rodgers said. "Just offensively, we need to not have some of those things happen on the sideline and to be a little better and to be a, just be a little better competitors."

Garrett Wilson and Michael Carter were caught on camera in animated conversations with assistant coaches.

Rodgers said there were "too many little side conversations, and we just need to grow up a little bit on offense and lock in and do our jobs and not point fingers at each other -- and that's everybody. Don't point fingers at the coaching staff, don't point fingers at each other. Just get back to work and get the job done."