The Cleveland Browns are comfortable with Jerome Ford as their No. 1 running back in the wake of Nick Chubb's season-ending knee injury.

Kevin Stefanski said the Browns are "working on" adding another player to the running back room, but that Ford would take over for Chubb as Cleveland's lead back.

Kareem Hunt, who played for the Browns the past four seasons, visited the team on Tuesday, according to sources.

Ford rushed for 106 yards on 16 carries Monday, including a 69-yard run that set up a Browns touchdown. He also caught three passes for 25 yards and hauled in a touchdown grab immediately after Chubb's injury.

"You don't replace Nick Chubb," Stefanski said. "You just don't do that. Great players in the league, you look around, they go out. It's always not one person that replaces a player of [Chubb's] caliber. So, everybody's got to do a little bit more, a little bit more everywhere."