The San Francisco 49ers have relied heavily on Christian McCaffrey to begin the season, but the running back isn't concerned.

Through two weeks, McCaffrey has taken 91.7% of running back snaps.

"I think it's all dependent on how the game's going," McCaffrey said. "We had a lot of breaks last game. Sometimes, that's just how it goes. There's gonna be games, too, where Mitchell gets four or five carries in a row on multiple drives because he's playing well, and he's feeling it, and I'll be out. It's really such a situational thing. Ya know, I don't think it's ever a plan for us to get all the carries or not. It's just sometimes that's just how the games go."

Sunday marked the first time McCaffrey had played 100 percent of the snaps since Week 15 of 2019 with the Carolina Panthers.