After the Miami Dolphins' 24-17 win at Gillette Stadium on Sunday night, Tyreek Hill called New England Patriots fans "some of the worst fans in the NFL."

Hill, who has a history with fans in New England, was asked how it felt to wave goodbye to the home crowd, and he did not hold back.

"It felt tremendous, man," Hill said. "Those fans are some of the worst fans in the NFL. And I'm going to stand on that; they are real nasty. Some of the things they were saying, I wouldn't say in church. So yeah, it felt great to wave goodbye to the fans, and I'll do it again. Bye."

A man at Gillette Stadium was charged with disorderly conduct in 2018 after throwing beer on Hill following his 70-yard touchdown reception while he was still a member of the Kansas City Chiefs. The man was also banned from future events at the stadium.