Jerry Jones says he wants to increase minority involvement at the ownership level in NFL franchises.

"Nobody got in on a wing and prayer any more than I did, and I really couldn't afford it," the Dallas Cowboys owner said. "But I got into it and as we look and see -- and we do see -- the qualified potential buyers out here that can get involved and that's one way. It's not the only way.

"[There are] multiple ways to address inequity. Multiple ways to go do it. And certainly I would think about one way is to try to work to get ownership improved in the minority area. And I'm all for it and I do it. I work at it. I work at it."

Jones' comments come in the wake of a racial discrimination lawsuit filed by former NFL Media employee Jim Trotter against the NFL.

The suit alleges Jones said in front of a group of people, including Trotter, "If Blacks feel some kind of way, they should buy their own team and hire who they want to hire."

Jones reiterated Sunday that was not "accurate."

"Jim's a friend and I think a lot of him," Jones said. "I hate that we've got some litigation and hopefully we will address all of that, but the overall concern I would say is just not accurate."