The NFL reportedly hopes Apple ends up with the Sunday Ticket package.

Under consideration is adding choices like allowing fans to buy just one team’s out-of-market games, or perhaps even stand-alone games, sources said.

“Everything is on the table,” one source said, but nothing is set in stone.

DirectTV is paying approximately $1.5 billion per year currently and they're not interested in renewing as the NFL seeks a bump up to more than $2 billion per year.

The NFL already has a deep partnership with Amazon.

“Apple is different from Amazon in the sense that they are still a technological device company,” said Patrick Crakes, a TV consultant and formerly an executive with Fox Sports. “So that diversifies the league — or the league’s always believed in an inclusive diversified kind of network mix. Apple is a different company than Amazon, even though people talk about them in the same breath. They’re very different. So I can see how the league might view that as a great diversification to their portfolio for the next decade.”