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Roger Goodell Will Retire As Commissioner After 2023 Season

Dec 13, 2017 12:48 PM

Roger Goodell's five-year extension to remain NFL commissioner will be his final deal.

Goodell will spend parts of the next five years working on identifying and grooming his successor. 

Goodell's deal expires after the 2023 season.

Goodell replaced Paul Tagliabue as commissioner in 2006. Tagliabue was 65 when he stepped down from his post and Goodell will be approximately the same age.

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NFL Projecting 2018 Salary Cap Between $174M-$178M

Dec 12, 2017 5:26 PM

The NFL is projecting a salary cap for 2018 between $174.2 million and $178.1 million.

The final number will be determined in the spring.

The salary cap for the 2017 came in at $167 million.

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Verizon Signs $500M Annual Deal With NFL

Dec 11, 2017 8:25 AM

The NFL and Verizon have signed a five-year deal that will allow them to stream in-market and national NFL games via digital and mobile platforms starting next month. 

The deal is worth an average of nearly $500 million, which nearly doubles the current $250 million per year Verizon is paying.

The biggest part of that increase comes from an increase in media-rights fees, rather than sponsorship revenue.

The deal does not give Verizon mobile exclusivity. 

Verizon has been an NFL partner since 2010.

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Jerry Jones Attempted To Delay Goodell Extension By Six Months

Dec 10, 2017 8:30 PM

Jerry Jones attempted to table the contract extension of Roger Goodell for six months. Goodell officially signed the agreement last week, which could be worth up to $200 million over the next five years.

Jones' proposal, on page 10 of the 32-page agenda for this week's league meeting, was submitted on Dec. 1, titled Proposed Resolution 2017 G-7, by the Dallas Cowboys. In it, Jones argued for a six-month "moratorium and any and all actions taken pursuant" to Goodell's new contract, "specifically, that the Commissioner's extension is not finalized during such moratorium."

Jones spent the past few weeks trying to build support to delay or derail Goodell's contract. 

"The owners who supported [Jones] are not exactly influencers and arm-twisters," one owner said. "They're just happy that Jerry wanted to talk to them."

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Roger Goodell's Probable Annual Pay Likely Below $30M

Dec 7, 2017 1:38 PM

While Roger Goodell's contract extension was announced as a five-year, $200 million deal, it is loaded with incentives he'll likely never receive.

Goodell will likely make in the mid-to high 20s during a solid year and get to the low 30s in a great year.

Goodell's max number of $40 million per year is highly unlikely.

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Jerry Jones' Stance On Roger Goodell's Contract Galvanized Owners

Dec 7, 2017 1:34 PM

The compensation committee finalized Roger Goodell's contract extension ahead of next week's winter meeting in Dallas.

The committee wanted to avoid allowing Jerry Jones to take the issue to the floor at the meeting.

“Animosity towards Jerry is running very high,” said one league source. “The idea that the owners were going to waltz into Dallas and let Jerry dictate to them? That was never going to happen.”

Jones controlled the NFL's process of returning to Los Angeles and his fellow owners wanted to avoid allowing that to happen again.

“People that might have been willing to wait saw Jerry going crazy and it actually galvanized (the owners),” said one ownership source. “He’d already caused the damage, and even after he’d said he wouldn’t sue, he was organizing calls and lobbying owners. Enough people said, ‘It’s not Jerry’s league.’ Jerry’s done a lot for the league, but he’s pulling us apart.”

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Roger Goodell Signs Five-Year, $200M Extension

Dec 6, 2017 9:31 PM

Roger Goodell has officially signed his five-year, $200 million contract extension to remain as commissioner of the NFL.

Goodell's contract was delayed by several months due to opposition from Jerry Jones.

The base salary of the new contract is in the single-digit millions with roughly 85 percent based on bonuses, which are subject to ownership approval.

"Our Committee unanimously supports the contract and believes that it is fully consistent with 'market' compensation and the financial and other parameters outlined to the owners at our May 2017 meeting, as well as in the best interests of ownership," the letter said. "... We are pleased to report that there is a nearly unanimous consensus among the ownership in favor of signing the contract extension now."

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NFL Denies Deal With Jerry Jones Over Litigation Threat

Nov 28, 2017 12:21 PM

Jerry Jones seemed to hint at a quid pro quo when he said last week that he won't sue over Roger Goodell's anticipated contract extension.

“I told the [Compensation] Committee that I was standing down on legal action because they wanted to get input from all of the owners,” Jones told Jarrett Bell of USA Today.

NFL spokesman Joe Lockhart said that no promise was made to submit the Goodell contract to all owners for input and/or approval in order to avoid a threat of litigation from Jones. 

Goodell's extension is expected to be approved in December.

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Competition Committee Denies Jerry Jones' Request For Vote On Goodell

Nov 20, 2017 5:56 PM

The NFL's compensation committee has denied a request from Jerry Jones to allow a final vote of approval on the contract extension of Roger Goodell.

The committee also reiterated Monday that Jones should drop his threat to sue the league over Goodell's deal.

Goodell is on track to sign his extension at or before the owners' meetings in Dallas on Dec. 13th.

Jones threatened to sue the league if the committee approves an extension, saying it should be reviewed and approved by all owners. Goodell's current deal as commissioner is set to expire after the 2018 season.


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Jones To Goodell: I'm Gonna Come After You With Everything I Have

Nov 17, 2017 1:43 PM

Jerry Jones told associates that Roger Goodell assured him last spring that there would be no suspension for Ezekiel Elliott.

When Jones was told by Goodell that Elliott would be suspended for six games, there was initially silence and then anger.

"I'm gonna come after you with everything I have," Jones said.

Jones then referenced Deflategate.

"If you think Bob Kraft came after you hard, Bob Kraft is a p---y compared to what I'm going to do."

Jones has since questioned the leadership of Goodell and is even trying to block his extension.

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NFLPA Investing In Dementia Discovery Fund
The DDF is focused on discovering and developing treatments for neurodegenerative diseases, in particular those that are associated with dementia.

Barry Wilner/AP

Doctors Believes They Can Now Detect CTE In Living People
Doctors are confident they can now diagnose CTE in living people.

John Keilman/Chicago Tribune

NFL's Chief Medical Officer Defends Colts On Brissett Concussion
Jacoby Brissett was placed into the NFL's concussion protocol when he reported symptoms after the game.

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Jerry Jones Not Backing Down From Challenging Goodell's Extension
Roger Goodell's contract is set to expire after the 2018 season.

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Owners Send Cease-And-Desist To Jerry Jones
The NFL could take a range of measures against Jerry Jones including fines, lost draft picks and even a suspension.

Ken Belson/New York Times

Jerry Jones Has Limited Support In Battle Against Roger Goodell
Sources suggest that "at best" Jerry Jones has maybe three other owners in his corner.

Jason La Canfora/CBS Sports

Seahawks Expected To Face Scrutiny Over Russell Wilson Concussion Test
After the game, Russell Wilson said he wasn't concussed on the hit and felt "completely clear."

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Aaron Hernandez Had Most Severe CTE Ever Found In Person His Age
Doctors found Aaron Hernandez had Stage 3 CTE, which researchers had never seen in a brain younger than 46 years old.

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Goodell 'Furious' Owners Want His Contract To Be Performance-Based
Jerry Jones has concerns about the structure and compensation of the proposed new deal for Roger Goodell.

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Kaepernick's Team Working On Statistical Study On Potential Collusion
Colin Kaepernick's team is in the process of consulting with statisticians and experts who specialize in discriminatory hiring practices.

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Jerry Jones Threatening To Sue NFL, Owners Over Goodell's Contract
Jerry Jones has retained David Boies to potentially sue the NFL.

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NFL Rejects Kaepernick's Request For Mediator At Goodell Meeting
The NFL invited Colin Kaepernick to attend a one-on-one meeting with Roger Goodell but the two sides offered conflicting statements on whether he responded to the invitation.

Jim Trotter/ESPN

Jerry Jones, Papa John's Becomes Part Of Kaepernic's Collusion Case
Recent reports have suggested Jerry Jones, who jointly owns over 100 Papa John's franchises, was behind the remarks by John Schattner.

Amy Dash/CBS

Roger Goodell To Be Deposed In Kaepernick Collusion Case
Roger Goodell will be deposed and asked to turn over all cell phone records and emails in relation to the Colin Kaepernick collusion case against the NFL.

Adam Schefter/ESPN

Jones, Kraft, McNair Deposed In Kaepernick Collusion Case
Jerry Jones, Robert Kraft and Bob McNair and others will be deposed and asked to turn over all cell phone records and emails in relation to Colin Kaepernick's collusion case

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Jerry Jones Leading Group Of 17 Blocking Roger Goodell's Extension
The NFL needs 24 owners to approve the replacement of Roger Goodell and owners are skeptical there would be enough support for it.

Chris Mortensen, Adam Schefter/ESPN

TV Execs Voice Concern On How NFL 'Lurches From Crisis To Crisis'
A recent Morning Consult poll revealed that the NFL's net favorability has dropped to 11 percent from a high of 56 percent in May.

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Chris Borland Records PSA Critical Of NFL On CTE
Chris Borland has since been invited by the NFL to see their concussion research.

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Anthem Issue Overriding Everything For NFL Even Goodell's Extension
Roger Goodell's extension is still expected to be finalized, but the anthem issue has diverted the attention of the NFL.

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Roger Goodell Wants To Get NFL Players Protesting 'Down To Zero'
The NFL has appeared to alternate between supporting their players and also attempting to prevent them from demonstrating.

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