The Dallas Cowboys are confident they are close to signing Dak Prescott to a contract extension.

“We’re already up there in rare air in terms of where the money is,” Stephen Jones said.

Jones was asked if he thinks Prescott will exceed Jared Goff's four-year, $134 million deal with the Los Angeles rams.

“I wouldn’t say it’s fair to say that,” Stephen Jones said. “Any time you get in that top-five area, you think a lot of somebody.”

It may not be “imminent” by Jerry Jones’ definition of “days,” but Prescott isn’t going anywhere.

“I know that they want to basically make this as thorough, I’ll use that word, or they don’t want to leave a stone unturned, and ‘they’ being, not Dak, his team, you must call it, which is his agents and the people that advise him,” Jerry Jones said Tuesday on his radio show on 105.3 The Fan. “No, it doesn’t surprise me [that it’s not done yet]. It doesn’t bother me a bit. I look at Dak long-term and this is a short-term thing. It obviously doesn’t affect him playing football not to have an extension. So, all of that is a good thing.”