Jerry Jones will be forced by the NFL to reimburse the league's legal fees for his part in attempting to block the contract extension of Roger Goodell and for also defending Ezekiel Elliott during his suspension battle last season.

Goodell has the backing of many NFL owners to punish Jones. Goodell has been reluctant to issue a fine because he doesn't want to be viewed as exacting retribution for Jones' actions. But several owners believed Jones had crossed a boundary by threatening his fellow owners and that it was detrimental to the NFL.

Jones will be ordered to pay the legal fees that the committee incurred defending itself, as well as the legal expenses the N.F.L. spent defending its decision to suspend Elliott.

Jones was aware as early as August that only about 12 percent of Goodell’s compensation was guaranteed, and the rest would be based on whether he and the league met a variety of financial targets. Jones, however, continued to argue that Goodell was being overpaid.