The compensation committee finalized Roger Goodell's contract extension ahead of next week's winter meeting in Dallas.

The committee wanted to avoid allowing Jerry Jones to take the issue to the floor at the meeting.

“Animosity towards Jerry is running very high,” said one league source. “The idea that the owners were going to waltz into Dallas and let Jerry dictate to them? That was never going to happen.”

Jones controlled the NFL's process of returning to Los Angeles and his fellow owners wanted to avoid allowing that to happen again.

“People that might have been willing to wait saw Jerry going crazy and it actually galvanized (the owners),” said one ownership source. “He’d already caused the damage, and even after he’d said he wouldn’t sue, he was organizing calls and lobbying owners. Enough people said, ‘It’s not Jerry’s league.’ Jerry’s done a lot for the league, but he’s pulling us apart.”