Terrelle Pryor may not deserve a big contract when he becomes a free agent this offseason, according to former teammate Brian Hartline.

Hartline spent one training camp and one game as a teammate of Pryor's last season before he was released last May.

"If I'm building a team, what is he?" Hartline told 105.7 The Zone in Columbus, Ohio. "Is he my No. 1? God, I hope not. Because let's put it this way: For me, I want a guy day in and day out I know what I'm getting. You don't know what you're going to get."

Hartline also was a teammate of Pryor's at Ohio State in 2008.

"I need stability," Hartline said. "I need constant production. Is he a No. 2? OK, yeah. I mean maybe. I don't know ... he kind of disappeared in the last couple weeks. If he was a quarterback, they'd be like, 'Oh, they're figuring him out. He can't do it anymore. They're finally figuring out the rookie quarterback.'

"But for Terrelle, they're like, 'Oh no, he had a down game.' So I'm very apprehensive as a Cleveland Browns guy to give out a contract."

Hartline didn't stop there, saying Pryor had one year as a receiver and is "a flash in the pan."