Julio Jones insists he'll play on Monday Night despite a calf injury.

Jones was held out of practice on Thursday and Friday but returned on Saturday.

"Yes, I'll play Monday night," Jones said. "I wouldn't chance it if I didn't [feel right], if I felt like I was going to overcompensate and something else was going to get tore up or it was going to get worse or anything like that. It's just warming that muscle up, warming up everything, making sure everything is firing properly."

In between reps, Jones was spotted bouncing up and down as if to test and make sure his calf was fine.

"He looked explosive in and out of his breaks,'' Dan Quinn said of Saturday's practice. "He didn't get a lot of turns, but we kind of tried to feature him on the plays that he needed to see. We didn't do it just in the red zone. We did him on third down. We did it on first and second down to see where he was at. So, I'm encouraged.

"That was kind of the plan in the week: Could he do some of the walk-through? And then he kind of made a good turn yesterday and today to say, 'All right, let's give it a shot.' He's somebody that needs to go to really feel it.''