The Steelers aren't among the teams reducing costs by making employees take pay cuts and unpaid furloughs, but linebacker Larry Foote is upset with owners who are doing so during the lockout. "That's ridiculous. We all know through this lockout owners aren't losing money, they're making money," Foote told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. "To lay people off to save money. I don't know who they're trying to fool. How the heck are they laying people off? I don't get that part. That ain't right right there. That's affecting people's lives; they're not making millions of dollars, many of them are going check to check." According to the Post-Gazette, Foote's anger came after reading the Lions were one of the teams taking cost-cutting measures. Foote, a former University of Michigan standout, lives near Detroit in the offseason. "It's the first time I actually got mad when I read that the other day," he told the Post-Gazette. "They're going too far. That's ridiculous now. The owners are starting to make themselves look like the big companies that move people outside the country. I'm not talking about the Rooneys, I know what they're cut from."