Colts wide receiver Austin Collie has worked out with quarterback Peyton Manning and says he isn't thinking about the concussions he suffered last season. "I feel good," Collie told The Indianapolis Star. "I feel like my routes are crisp and I'm catching the ball well. I'm doing all the little things." After what Collie went through last season, Colts vice chairman Bill Polian wants to be sure his wide receiver is healthy before declaring him ready to go. "I don't know if you can say that (Collie is back) until he gets on the field and actually plays," Polian said. "Thus far, all the signs are positive." Collie said that was nothing he could have done to avoid the concussions he suffered during the 2010 season. "It was just playing football and unfortunately, that's what can happen," he said. "They were just two unlucky incidents that unfortunately I was in the middle of. "The last thing I want to do is hesitate at any given point. I try to put those things in the back of my mind and not worry about them."