The Falcons decided to punt to the Saints in the final moments of their game on Monday night, basically allowing them to run out the clock. New Orleans won 17-14. "Definitely thought it was the right thing to do," coach Mike Smith said. "It was fourth down and six with the ball out their 38, 39-yard line maybe even a little bit further out. But on fourth and six we felt like the way that we'd been playing defensively and we had two timeouts and we hopefully could wrap one around the two-minute warning. Unfortunately, we didn't get it done there at the end." Smith added that he didn't think Atlanta's defense got tired. "I don't believe so. We didn't execute very well on that one drive," he said. "The other score was a short field after a turnover and I thought we kept our rotation like we wanted to. They made the plays. It's the typical game when these two teams meet, since I've been here, there's only been one game that hasn't been at eight points or less. Most of them are at two or three or four point games."