The Giants landed in New Jersey on Tuesday morning after being stranded in Wisconsin due to the snowstorm on the East Coast. The Giants, who have been in Appleton, Wis., since Christmas Day for a game against the Packers, finally got clearance to leave following a blizzard in the Northeast that began on Sunday. While they were stuck in Wisconsin, Tom Coughlin and his coaching staff were busy "grinding away" in preparation for the team's crucial game against the Redskins to close the regular season. "Practice would still be Wednesday," Coughlin said on Monday of the team's schedule if it returned home on Tuesday. "I think that our study would continue here [in Wisconsin]. The coaches will go into our first stage which would be, for example, an early Tuesday morning stage of game planning. If in fact we do get to leave, there will be a block of time whenever that is which really will take a half a day by the time you figure on traveling over two hours back to the offices. You will probably lose about half a day if that happens, so we would go ahead and get to work [in Wisconsin]."