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Breaking Down The Packers' 2012 Draft
The Green Bay Packers entered the 2012 NFL Draft with the intention of acquiring the tools to shut down opposing passing offenses.
Cold Weather Monkey Wrench
If the Packers continue to dominate the NFC, the road to the Super Bowl will be how the passing game continues to thrive outdoors.
By The Numbers: Green Bay Packers
Aaron Rodgers is having a season for the ages and are 18-1 over their past 19 games in which he has finished the game. Looking ahead, when will their first loss come and how will that defense catch up with their offense?
2011 Season Preview: Green Bay Packers
With all the returning players from IR last season, the Packers should be significantly better in the regular season. Should be. But funny things happen to Super Bowl champs, and getting all those players back in the mix and sorting out roles is a complex problem that must be handled carefully by Mike McCarthy and his staff.
Green Bay Packers Season Preview 2010
Expectations are justifiably high for the Packers with a legit MVP candidate in Aaron Rodgers and young defensive stars, but a tougher schedule and natural regression make winning 11 games again difficult.
2009 Season Preview: Green Bay Packers
No team in the league is better primed for a dramatic turnaround than the Packers. So long as the new defense and OL blocking schemes aren?t awful and the overall health improves, this team is much closer to the 13-win 2007 Packers than the 6-10 disappointment of a year ago.
Auditing The Green Bay Packers 2008 Season
In a season in which a lot of things went wrong, at least the Packers walked away from 2008 knowing they have one of the best young quarterbacks in the NFL.
A Tale Of Two Quarters
With Sunday's loss to Jacksonville, the Packers have lost six games by four or less points.
Preview: Packers Vs. Jaguars
Apparently the first 14 weeks were just practice for the Green Bay Packers as coach Mike McCarthy told the Packers? official Web site this week that ?It?s time to fight?It?s time to fight in every aspect of our play.?
Pack?s Playoff Changes Slim After Loss To Texans
Torched for almost 550 yards by the Texans, the most given up by any Packers' defense in 25 years, Green Bay once again looked inept, uncoordinated, and as though they?d never played the game together.
Can The Packers Stop Slaton And Johnson?
While local TV media have focused on how the Packers will cover Houston?s dynamic WR Andre Johnson, it?s likely the deadliest weapon the Texans have is RB Steve Slaton.
Where're The Guts?
Of all the disappointment that came out of Sunday?s loss to the Carolina Panthers, the biggest has to be that the Packers didn?t have the guts to go for the touchdown on 4th and 1 with the score tied 28-28 and two minutes left on the clock.
Simply An Embarrassment In The Big Easy
With an extra day to prepare and one of the top secondaries in the league, Green Bay should have been more than prepared to handle New Orleans potent air attack.
Previewing Packers Vs. Saints
Despite their identical 5-5 records, when the Packers and Saints meet at the Superdome Monday night for the first time in over six years, their situations will be very different.
What Took Them So Long?
After Sunday?s dismantling and embarrassment of the Chicago Bears, Packers' fans are left wondering one thing: Why did it take until Week 11 for this team to come together?
Previewing Packers Vs. Bears, Week 11
Turnovers will also be key, as the Packers and Bears hold the top two spots in the NFC in regards to turnover ratio.
Players Make Excuses, McCarthy Has None
Instead of leading by example in his press conferences after the game, Mike McCarthy failed to take responsibility for the poor play calls, inexplicable challenge, and wasted timeouts.
Previewing Packers Vs Vikings, Week 10
A lot has changed since Opening Night between the Packers and Vikings. Gus Frerotte has replaced Tavaris Jackson, and the Packers have lost four of their last six games.
Did Packers Extend Rodgers Too Soon?
The Packers have extended the contract of Aaron Rodgers through the 2014 season after just seven games under center as their starting quarterback.
Packers Hope Rest Leads To Advantage
While the Packers enjoyed their bye week and fourteen days off, the Titans will be playing on just five days of rest this weekend after Monday night's battle with the Colts.
In The Nick of Time
Cornerback Nick Collin?s 62-yard interception return for a touchdown gave the Packers a 24-7 lead, control of the game, and hopes for their season back.
Packers Miss Opportunity To Improve With Gonzalez
With a struggling offense and plenty of cap money, why didn?t Ted Thompson pull the trigger to acquire Tony Gonzalez?
Giving Rodgers Better Tools
Ted Thompson, of course, did a great job standing behind Aaron Rodgers during the Favre sage, but has Thompson done everything he should have in order to help Rodger succeed on the field?
Previewing Packers/Falcons: Do Or Die Game For Grant?
Ryan Grant has had a hard time finding his groove without the defense focusing solely on him. If Rodgers is out, it should be neigh on impossible for Grant to find the holes he needs to get going.
O-Line Dilemmas Could Define Season
If Sunday night showed us one thing, it?s that the Packers are sadly thin on the offensive line, and if they don?t figure a way to deal with injuries and fortify this line, Aaron Rodger?s performance won?t matter ? he?ll be too busy running for his life.
Moving On, Moving Forward
The Green Bay front office deserves credit for standing their ground, and through the first two games of Aaron Rodgers they look vindicated.
2008 Season Preview: Green Bay Packers
Even with Brett Favre this team would have a real hard time coming close to the 13 wins of 2007. The QB situation is just one of the questions that faces this team as they look to repeat in the NFC North. I have a hunch that enough of those questions (the aging CBs, the gaping hole at DT, the running game) will not get answered positive that the Packers are going to slide out of the playoffs.
Has Green Bay?s Door Been Shut?
This team was built to win now. Now it?s built to win later, which could turn into much later if Rodgers doesn?t perform well.
Welcome To Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood
Now that this is Aaron Rodgers? team for at least the 2008 season, other questions have sprouted up like weeds. One of those is how good can Rodgers be and how far can he take the Packers.
A Legend Leaves The Field
Brett Favre performed so well this past season, and the Packers are so young and talented, that I began to consider it an absolute certainty that he would return to the field this fall.
Tarnished Green And Gold?
Oddly enough, Brett Favre might just be remembered for the thing he wasn?t supposed to have: consistency.
Slurp, Slurp, Slurp
Is Brett Favre a pariah who may even trump T.O. as the most selfish player in the NFL? He might not be doing situps in the driveway but he's held the Packers hostage for the past few offseasons as football's version of Roger Clemens.
Packers-Cowboys Play Like It's 1990
If history is a predictor, then the key to the Green Bay versus Dallas game might be to lose. This match-up is very much like the game played between the New York Giants and San Francisco 49ers in 1990.
2007 Season Preview: Green Bay Packers
I like the defense and you?re a fool to bet against Brett Favre, but all the inexperience and just a simple lack of top-end talent around him means the defense is going to have to win games for them.
2007 Draft Review: Green Bay Packers
The Packers didn?t reach for need but still filled needs with their top-two picks in Justin Harrell and Brandon Jackson. Both will start and I believe both will impress.
2006 NFL Team Preview: Green Bay Packers
I really like the rookie class, I like the needed improvements in the defense, I believe Favre can still summon the greatness at times. Despite all that, this is one of the worst teams in the NFL. They do have a favorable schedule and play in the worst division in football, so an improvement to 6 or 7 wins is likely.
The Big Score
This is the part of the movie we all remember. It's where the quarterback rallies his team together, wins the Super Bowl and then walks off into the sunset, turning the reigns over to the young gun. But in Green Bay, someone handed out the wrong script. Instead of adding pieces, they've been dumping salary and appear ready to let their original gunslinger ride away. Is it time to recast the film and start again? Not a chance.
Posted a few days to late, Rodrick Wimby's assessment of the Packers is even more relevant now than it was after their victory over Detroit.
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