New England Patriots Front Office

28 NFL Teams Have Hired New Offensive Coordinator In Past Two Seasons
Darrell Bevell and Josh McDaniels are two of the longest tenured offensive coordinators in the NFL.
Patriots' Hotel Fire Alarm Goes Off Again In Middle Of Night
The fire alarm at the Patriots' hotel went off for the second time this week.
Tom Brady Battling Cold, Studying More Film Than Usual
Tom Brady is battling a cold and has been watching more film than usual to help prepare.
Belichick: No Coach I Respect More Than Pete Carroll
Bill Belichick admits to learning a lot from what Pete Carroll has accomplished.
Patriots' Hotel Fire Alarm Goes Off In Middle Of Night
The Patriots' first practice of the week will be on Wednesday.
NFL Zeroing In Deflategate Investigation On Locker Room Attendant
Belichick: Patriots Followed Every Rule
Investigation Of Deflated Balls Led By Pash, Wells
Tom Brady Claims He Didn't Alter Footballs
Bill Belichick 'Shocked' To Learn Of Deflated Footballs

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Patriots Analysis

$.07 For Divisional Round

by Jeff Risdon

On the Patriots instant classic win over Baltimore, a rough loss for Peyton Manning and the Broncos, controversial calls surrounding Dallas again, Seattle cruises, Jameis Winston and the Mueller report.

Football Meteorology For Divisional Round

by Jeff Risdon

Four playoff games, all featuring one team that won last week against one of the four teams coming off a bye week, makes for a full plate of what should be great football.

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