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NFL Power Rankings After Week 9
9th November, 2011 - 2:32 pm

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By Christopher Reina

Even though no possible eye test or metric would say otherwise, the Texans have supplanted the Packers for the top slot in the Trench Counter rankings after Week 9.

Houston had a +17.6 in Week 9 against the Browns, while the Packers had a +10.9 at San Diego. The outlier of a +36.8 for the Texans in Week 7 and the fact that Green Bay has had no TC over 14.5 have caused the switch that will likely be temporary.

But it still looks like a Super Bowl pairing worth considering since the Texans should coast to a first round bye by dominating a weak division while the AFC East, North and West endure great parity.

The Giants moved up to No. 7 with their impressive road win at New England, where they had a +6.1.

The Chargers fell from nine to 15 following the aforementioned loss to the Packers.

Only one TC point separates teams nine through 15, where the Eagles, Falcons, Patriots, Bills, Cowboys, Bengals and Chargers are bunched together.

The Trench Counter formula, which the below rankings are solely based upon, creates a completely objective examination. The formula accounts for yards per carry, yards per pass, first downs, turnovers and penalties. It attempts to identify which team controls the line of scrimmage, controls the trenches.

The true intention of this type of ranking system is to identify teams that may be over or underrated.

1 Houston Texans: 9.1
2 Green Bay Packers: 8.8
3 Detroit Lions: 7.2
4 Baltimore Ravens: 7.2
5 San Francisco 49ers: 6.3
6 Pittsburgh Steelers: 4.3
7 New York Giants: 3.8
8 New Orleans Saints: 3.5
9 Philadelphia Eagles: 3.0
10 Atlanta Falcons: 2.9
11 New England Patriots: 2.6
12 Buffalo Bills: 2.5
13 Dallas Cowboys: 2.3
14 Cincinnati Bengals: 2.3
15 San Diego Chargers: 2.0
16 New York Jets: 0.2
17 Chicago Bears: -0.2
18 Carolina Panthers: -0.2
19 Miami Dolphins: -1.3
20 Minnesota Vikings: -1.6
21 Denver Broncos: -2.7
22 Jacksonville Jaguars: -2.8
23 Washington Redskins: -3.9
24 Kansas City Chiefs: -4.4
25 Oakland Raiders: -4.7
26 Cleveland Browns: -5.0
27 Tennessee Titans: -5.4
28 Arizona Cardinals: -6.1
29 Seattle Seahawks: -6.5
30 Tampa Bay Buccaneers: -6.7
31 St. Louis Rams: -7.7
32 Indianapolis Colts: -9.7