The Patriots are focusing on tight end Dallas Clark heading into their battle with the Colts on Sunday night. During New England's last meeting with Indianapolis, safety Rodney Harrison was in charge of covering Clark, but he's currently on the injured reserve. With Harrison out, Adalius Thomas might be assigned coverage duty on Clark in Week Nine. "Rodney is a great player and he definitely gives a big lift for their defense. They always say 'next guy in,' but I think just on this side of the fence, I think Rodney's a tough guy for them to replace," Clark said during a conference call. "He brought so much to their defense, so much versatility and just that toughness the defense always shows, so I think he allowed them to do a lot of different things." Pats' coach Bill Belichick wouldn't reveal any specific plans for Clark, but appeared worried about a number of targets. "There are plenty of concerns with Dallas Clark. There are concerns about everybody - Clark, (Marvin) Harrison, (Reggie) Wayne, (Anthony) Gonzalez and (Joseph) Addai. It is about team defense; you can?t double everybody," Belichick said. "You can?t set your defense to stop everybody; they have too many good players. In the course of playing good team defense there will be a lot of different people that will have a lot of different responsibilities all the way through the course of the game."