The NFL is looking into allegations that the Indianapolis Colts piped in noise during the game Sunday between the Colts and the Patriots. The charge comes after Patriots' President Jonathan Kraft became the latest NFL team executive to accuse the Colts of the distracting tactic that is against the rules. "We're aware of it, and we're looking into it," NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said Monday. "It may just be the TV feed from CBS, but we're checking it out." Observers at the game said there seemed to be a "skip" in the sound during the game Sunday, which the Patriots won 24-20. That might confirm the long-held suspicion among many people in the NFL that the Colts play loud crowd noise to help distract opponents when the other team is on offense. "We're aware of the accusations, but there has never been anything to substantiate it," Aiello said. Kraft approached NFL Vice President of Security Milt Ahlerich after Kraft and his parents, Patriots' owners Bob and Myra Kraft, left the Patriots' locker room after the game.