Devin Hester continued a trend that began during offseason workouts by standing out like a flashing neon light during the Bears' first training camp practice at Olivet Nazarene University on Friday. The cornerback-turned-receiver lined up split wide, in the slot and in the backfield. He looked like a natural while running routes and catching long and short passes. If his first official practice as a wide receiver is any indication -- we'll learn more when he practices in pads for the first time today -- Hester may exceed expectations while making the difficult transition from defense to offense. ''He's picking it up well,'' quarterback Rex Grossman said. ''He has so much potential. He knows the offense on paper, and now he just needs to get more reps to get comfortable with it. He's an added dimension to our offense that's bound to create a bunch of big plays during the season.'' ''He's going to be great,'' Vasher said. ''He's going to be someone to keep your eyes on.''