Pete Carroll voiced his displeasure with the officiating in the Seattle Seahawks' 41-35 loss to the Dallas Cowboys Thursday night, including what he called an "error" on a pivotal play in the first half.

Carroll was also upset over what he viewed as over-officiating. The two teams combined for 19 penalties and 257 penalty yards.

"It's unfortunate that it feels like there was a whole 'nother factor in this game," Carroll said unprompted to open his postgame press conference. "I don't know, you guys saw it a lot better than I did, but there was just way too many penalties in this game, for both sides. We've got to get out of that kind of football."

Late in the first quarter, the Seahawks were lined up for a 37-yard field goal try when they were flagged for a delay of game. Jason Myers gave the hand gesture for officials to reset the 40-second play clock as it was winding down. Replays showed Carroll yelling from the sideline that the ball had been re-spotted, which he felt should have warranted a reset.

After the penalty moved Seattle back five yards, Myers missed the 42-yard attempt.

When asked about the penalty, Carroll was eager to discuss the sequence.

"I'm glad you asked me that," he said. "OK, what happened on that play was that officials moved the football from the middle to the hash, and they're supposed to reset the clock, and they didn't do it. And so we're griping about that and the time, it got me."

Carroll said he "screwed up" by not signaling for a timeout earlier.

"I was calling it, but the whole thing got screwed up and it was unfortunate," he said. "Poorly done."