Geno Smith ripped New York Giants linebacker Isaiah Simmons for what he called a "dirty play" in the Seattle Seahawks' 24-3 victory on Monday night.

Simmons tackled Smith near the sideline in the second quarter. The quarterback injured his knee on the play. He remained in the game for one more play before getting attended to in the medical tent and missing the next two series.

"A dirty play. Dirty play," Smith told ESPN's Lisa Salters. "You guys can see it. It was a dirty play. It's no place in this sport for that and hopefully something happens, but other than that, the grace of God allowed me to come back into this game and I'm happy to be back out there."

Simmons says he was just trying to make a tackle. Smith was running for yards after catching his own pass.

"I really don't got much to say about it," Simmons said. "We playing football. He's mad he got hit? What do most quarterbacks do when they don't want to get hit? They go down. I don't really know what else to tell him about that."