Zach Wilson received a vote of confidence from Robert Saleh as the starting quarterback of the New York Jets on Monday, but Joe Namath issued some scathing criticism.

Namath blasted Wilson in a radio interview, while also taking aim at Saleh and general manager Joe Douglas.

"I didn't take anything positive out of it. It was awful," Namath told "The Michael Kay Show" on ESPN New York radio, referring to Wilson's performance Sunday.

Namath was irked by Wilson's first sack in Sunday's 15-10 loss to the New England Patriots, when he went down without being touched.

"You sit down? You sit down on a play? You go right down? What happened?" Namath said. "I thought you're trying to win and make plays. You quit on a play? What is going on? It's disgusting."

The Hall of Famer said he'd trade Wilson: "I wouldn't keep him. I've seen enough of Zach Wilson."

Namath also suggested that Saleh and Douglas should be replaced, saying, "These guys aren't picking the right players. They aren't doing a good job of coaching. It's evident. I mean, you've got to look and see. If you have an eye for football at all you see things are haywire. It's too crazy. They need to fix it and that's getting rid of a lot of people and bringing new ones in."