The Minnesota Vikings had trouble on offense as they attempted to score set up at the Los Angeles Chargers' 6-yard line with 35 seconds left on Sunday.

The Vikings managed just a single unsuccessful play on its final drive, attributing a lengthy pre-snap delay to the deafening crowd noise at home.

Kirk Cousins said he "just couldn't hear" Kevin O'Connell's play call immediately after a fourth-down conversion that put the Vikings in scoring range.

The team was out of timeouts by that point, but rather than spike the ball to preserve time, Cousins rushed the offense up to the line and prepared to run a first-and-goal call. By the time he actually snapped it, 23 seconds had run off the clock, and he'd opted to run his own play.

Cousins' impromptu call ended up being the same call O'Connell had been trying to signal, but the execution was so hurried after the prolonged setup that Cousins' final pass toward T.J. Hockenson was tipped and intercepted.

The Vikings' 0-3 start is their worst in 10 years.