Sean Payton is preparing to make changes to the offense after the Denver Broncos dropped to 0-2 following Sunday's loss to the Washington Commanders.

Payton even suggested that Russell Wilson might soon need to start wearing a wristband for play calls.

"It was more than just one drive," Payton said of Denver's offensive sluggishness.

"There (were) a number of drives where we're late with personnel, getting out of the huddle we took a while. I mean, that's gotta change. We had to burn timeouts in the first half (and) I'm not used to doing (that). We've gotta be better. I've gotta be better. Russ has gotta be sharper with getting the play out, and then we've gotta look at how much we have in. But, you know, if we need to wristband it, we will."