For the first time in 700 days, Deshaun Watson played in a regular game on Sunday.

Between his two appearances, Watson has been accused by more than 20 women of sexual misconduct during massage-therapy sessions. Since returning to the Cleveland Browns this week, the quarterback has refused to talk about non-football issues.

After Sunday's game, Watson was asked by reporters if he is "able to say today that you are remorseful for the conduct that got you suspended."

"Like I said before, that's something that legal and clinical have answered before, and they don't want me to address anything like that," Watson said. "Of course, it's a tough situation. The suspension was tough. But at the same time, my main focus was just trying to be 1-0 as a football player today."

He was asked again, "As you returned today, did you feel remorse for the actions that got you suspended?"

"Like I said, I was just excited to be back on the field today," Watson said. "I did everything that I was asked and was required to do. I did all that, and I was able to be able to play and be on the field today."