Alvin Kamara spoke to his teammates after last week's loss because he didn't like where the mentality of the New Orleans Saints was headed.

The running back encouraged them to "get their swag back" and regain their pride after the 42-34 loss to the Arizona Cardinals.

Kamara said he has been on some of the best offenses in the league during his six seasons in New Orleans, and one common thread was the players' attitude and confidence. He wasn't seeing that in this team, which has given the ball away more than any team in the league and is one of the most penalized as well.

"Even when we were down, it was never like we were looking at the score," Kamara said of the Saints in past seasons. "It was like, 'Well, all right, s---, let's go play football.' ... We haven't really been playing like that. It's been ... just of a little bit of a panic, a little bit of a, 'Oh s---, we're down.' Like man, we don't play like that. I still don't have that kind of mentality."