Kliff Kingsbury and Kyler Murray both downplayed a heated exchange that cameras caught in the second quarter of the Arizona Cardinals' victory over the New Orleans Saints on Thursday night.

The 42-34 victory snapped an eight-game home losing streak.

Cameras showed Murray walking to the sideline, repeatedly mouthing "Calm the f--- down" to Kingsbury with 2:32 left in the second quarter after he called a timeout to reset its next play.

"The clock was running down and we couldn't have got off the play that we were trying to run," Murray said. "So, it was, I guess it's my fault. I'll take it."

Kingsbury called it a difference of opinion before trying to bring levity to the situation.

"He said I didn't look good on TV acting that fiery," Kingsbury quipped. "I don't know, guess it's a Gen Z thing. 'You're on TV so calm down.'

"I like showing emotion."

Murray said Kingsbury is "usually chill ... until Sunday."