The Seattle Seahawks could be sold by 2024 as Jody Allen continues to wind up the estate of her late brother Paul Allen.

“There’s going to be a few,” Jim Irsay, also the Colts chief executive officer, said in a wide-ranging interview on Bloomberg’s ‘Business of Sports’ show. “Seattle -- with Paul Allen my friend unfortunately passing away and that team is in a trust -- is going to become available I’d imagine in the 2024 range.”

Competition for the Seahawks organization is surely to draw bids from private equity chiefs and billionaires alike given the desire among the elite to acquire teams. 

“I know where franchise values are going,” Irsay said. “And one thing we do know is there’s a high interest out there for people that fell short of the Broncos. There’s some really great people that are capable but the problem now is finding people that have the net worth that can actually buy a team. It’s very difficult.”

The Denver Broncos recently sold for $4.65 billion.