DK Metcalf says he's gotten the message from Pete Carroll after having another conversation about on-field outbursts.

"I think I've had an outburst three times this year, so we've talked three times," Metcalf said.

"The conversation has always gotten better. I'm a passionate player. I'm never going to back down from anything. He understands that, but at the same time, I'm starting to become a leader on this team and I've got to grow up and continue to get better. I know I'm still a work in progress. I don't like to use my age as an excuse, but I sometimes forget that I'm just 23 years old. So continue just to grow each day, and mistakes are going to get fixed."

It's not clear which three outbursts Metcalf was referring to, but the post-play scuffle that led to his ejection late in the Seahawks' 17-0 loss at Green Bay on Sunday was clearly one of them.