Eric Ebron was left with a bad taste in his mouth after the Pittsburgh Steelers had their Week 12 game against the Baltimore Ravens rescheduled three times.

The Steelers will end up playing three games in 12 days due to the movement of kickoffs.

"We put all of these stipulations in place," Ebron said on Uninterrupted’s 17 Weeks podcast. "Everybody signed up and said, 'Ok, this is gonna be cool.' Nobody thought you would play three games in 12 days. Think about that. That's us. We play [Wednesday], we play Monday [against Washington], and we play Sunday [at Buffalo]. Oh my God. ... They're trying to see us fail, bro. Welcome to the National Football League."

If the NFL had canceled the Ravens-Steelers game, no players from either team would have gotten paid. It sounds like Ebron wouldn't have minded.

"I don't care about a game check," Ebron said. "I'm sorry, I know there are people who don't make the amount of money I do. I know that. So what? I'm sure they don't want to play three games in 12 days either. They'd much rather, you know, lose a game check than risk them not making a check the next year because they’re hurt."