Luke Kuechly is considering an offer from the Carolina Panthers to become a pro scout.

Kuechly retired this offseason when he said he wasn't sure if he could continue to play as "fast, physical and strong" as he did previously.

Kuechly has been weighing options to stay involved in the NFL in some capacity, either with the Panthers or as a television commentator/analyst. The team statement said a decision could be reached soon.

"I've had a great relationship with Luke. He's my neighbor," Matt Rhule said Tuesday about the prospect of Kuechly becoming a scout. "It's great if it works out, if it's what he wants to do. ... I certainly hope it works out.

"He's a great, great person. Forget who he was as a player. He's got to figure out what's right for him. Since the first day, my advice has always been do what's right for you."