Aaron Rodgers is considering playing into his forties. Rodgers' current contract with the Green Bay Packers runs through the 2023 season when he'll turn 40.

“How do you not?” Rodgers said when asked about that possibility. “I’m not some cliché guy that’s going to talk about taking it year by year. Of course, you look at what Tom’s doing and still able to play at his age and play at a high level, and obviously what Drew has done and Phil getting an opportunity to keep rolling in Indy.

“My thing is, legacy is really important. Having an opportunity to do it all in Green Bay would mean a lot to me. I understand the track record of our squad. There’s been times where we’ve had veteran players and they’ve finished elsewhere. I get it. I’d like to make that decision easy for them.

“The only way to do that is to keep playing at a high level and give them no choice but to keep bringing you back because you’re the best option and give them the best chance to win. That’s my goal. I’ve got four years left on my deal. I’d like to play four at a really, really high level and if I feel like keep on keeping on from that point, to do it.

“I feel confident right now. I’m going to be 40 when the deal ends. I feel like I can keep going after that the way things have been going.”