Jay Glazer doesn't believe Andrew Luck "soured on the business of football" and that his retirement was more due the reality of being physically unable to play. 

"Obviously, only Andrew Luck can answer that but guys like (Barry) Sanders and I think Megatron (Calvin Johnson) soured on the business of football. This wasn’t Andrew Luck souring on the business of football. This was him constantly dealing with pain for the last several years and I think he believed he was in a rut. It was injuries, rehab — rehab never went as fast as they had hoped — injury, rehab, pain, rinse and repeat. He just got exhausted.

"The one thing that brings players back or gets players to reconsider is the locker room. That’s the biggest thing. It’s not the meetings, it’s certainly not the pounding they take on their bodies, it’s not practice, and for a lot of them, it’s not even about the games. It’s the locker room (and competing in something to a degree). It’s being around the guys. If Andrew Luck feels a void there, that could draw him back."