Randall Cobb is a member of the Dallas Cowboys after spending his entire career with the Green Bay Packers.

The Cowboys and Packers play one another on Oct. 6.

"It's like the ex-girlfriend that broke up with you," Cobb said. "When you see her five years later, you hope you're in a better situation than you were before -- married, with kids, and you're able to say, 'Yeah, I did better without you.'"

The Packers never extended Cobb a contract offer in free agency.

"I didn't really have any conversation personally. I don't know how much conversation there was between my agent and the Packers organization," Cobb said. "But I know there was never an offer put on the table -- before or after the offer from Dallas and a couple other teams. I think it kind of made my decision easier. If the Packers would have made an offer, I would obviously have had to weigh that decision. But I'm very excited and very happy to be down in Dallas. I think it's a great situation and I look forward to this season."