Odell Beckham went to the locker room before the end of the first half and was late to the field for the start of the third quarter on Thursday night because he was cramping up.

The New York Giants wide receiver received an IV at the half. There were questions about whether he was simply upset with his team's performance.

"Dehydrated again," Pat Shurmur said about Beckham, who also left early against the New Orleans Saints two weeks ago to get an IV. "Some guys' bodies dehydrate quicker than others, so we just have to keep looking for ways to make sure he stays hydrated."

Beckham had six catches on 10 targets for 44 yards in New York's 34-13 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles.

"I just hate losing. That's the bottom line," Beckham said. "[We] just got to keep going, keep digging, keep digging -- it's really all you can do -- keep digging and working harder or you can give up, and I don't think anybody in here is giving up."