Mike Mayock is clearly a fan of Josh Allen as the 2018 NFL Draft draws closer.

On Monday, Mayock touted Josh Allen as the "biggest-arm quarterback" he's seen since JaMarcus Russell entered the league just over a decade ago. The Oakland Raiders took Russell first overall and Mayock expects Allen to be in play for the Cleveland Browns at No. 1 next month.

"I've got Allen at No. 2, so obviously I think he's in the mix more so than Josh Rosen," Mayock said. "I think you have to kind of look at it from John Dorsey's point of view, also, and look at what he did a year ago at Kansas City, when he traded for the biggest-arm quarterback in that draft in Patrick Mahomes.

"So I think when you're the GM of Cleveland, you got to be thinking about the weather, playing outside, you need a big arm. His new offensive coordinator (Todd Haley) came over from Pittsburgh and he's used to Ben Roethlisberger. So, to me, Josh Allen has to be in that conversation at or one or four, along with (Sam) Darnold, perhaps Rosen and (Baker) Mayfield. But I think, just my gut, l think Darnold and Allen are the two guys they'd consider the most highly."