Dean Blandino argued for eliminating overtime entirely when the NFL discussed changes to its overtime format.

Blandino left his post of the league's head of officiating to work for FOX this offseason.

"We started talking about overtime and reducing it from 15 to 10 because we were worried about additional snaps, players playing a full quarter more of football and then potentially having to go play on Thursday," Blandino told Colin Cowherd.

"Well, if we're worried about player safety, then eliminate overtime and play to win in regulation. It would make the last two minutes that much more exciting. If a team's sitting there with 30 to go and the ball on their 20, and they know the game could end in a tie because there's no overtime, they're going to go for it, take chances, take risks. We did talk about that. I think there would be some serious backlash from the fans if we got rid of overtime ... but when you really break it down and you say, 'OK, you've got to play to win in regulation, I think ultimately that would be a good thing."