The Seattle Seahawks are fine with Eddie Lacy playing at a slightly higher weight than he did with the Green Bay Packers last season.

Lacy agreed to a one-year deal with Seattle on Tuesday.

Pete Carroll said Lacy, who was listed at 235 pounds last season and whose weight was an issue with the Packers in 2015, is still rehabbing from the ankle injury that cost him several games and the Seahawks want his weight in the 240s.

"He's a big back. He's a big guy. Ain't nothing wrong with that," Carroll told The John Clayton Show on 710 ESPN Seattle. "But there will be a real concerted effort to make sure he's at his very best. This is a hard time for him because he's working some rehab right now, but he is well-aware of what our expectations and the standards that we're setting. We would not have done this if we didn't have a really clear understanding of how we're going to go forward.

"This is a big deal for him. It's a one-year contract for him. This is a chance for him to prove it and show where he is in the league and how he fits in and how he can work to secure a good future for him. And he knows all of that. Coming here is really something he's pumped up about because he knows how we see it, too. So we're going to get him in great shape. We're going to show him at his very best. There's a weight in there that's a really good spot for him that he's working toward. And we'll do a nice job with that."