Brandon Marshall delivered a fiery halftime rant on Saturday that irked some of his New York Jets teammates, according to team sources.

The incident may have raised tensions in the locker room.

The Jets were trailing the New England Patriots 27-0 at the time of Marshall's rant. While he didn't engage in verbal altercations with any individuals, sources said, he sparked what was described as a raucous locker room.

"When we're getting blown out at halftime, there's no reason to be fighting amongst each other," Calvin Pryor said. "I think that's why guys were upset, because we needed to be fighting against the Patriots, instead of the Jets."

Marshall's halftime tirade might explain why Sheldon Richardson ripped him after the game.

When reporters told Richardson that Marshall had described the 41-3 loss as "embarrassing," Richardson replied, "He should be embarrassed. ... No reason. He just should be. He knows what he did."