Dez Bryant, who avoided having an MRI initially because he was fearful the results would reveal bad news about his right leg injury, is not expected to play Sunday, according to a source.

Jason Garrett confirmed Thursday that Bryant missed an MRI, a treatment session and two team meetings earlier this week.

The Dallas Cowboys wide receiver was diagnosed with a hairline fracture of his tibial plateau in his right leg near the knee, according to a source.

"He's a very, very passionate person. He loves football. He loves this team. He's a driven guy and his response to this was not the right one," Garrett said. "It was an understandable response given his personality and everything he puts into this.

"He's an emotional person and he didn't handle it the right way. What we have to do as a team is we have to handle it the right way. We understand where he was coming from and then we address it, we solve it, we move on. That's how we handle things here. And that's what we've done."