Adam Archuleta broke his silence on Thursday after spending the majority of the season in Joe Gibbs' doghouse. "Do I deserve an explanation?" Archuleta said. "I don't know if an explanation matters anymore because what's done is done. I pretty much know what's going on. I pretty much know what it all stems from." Archuleta wouldn't go into detail, but he said he hopes the coaching staff is upfront with him when they meet with him in next week's exit interviews. "I'm a grown man. I don't like getting lied to," Archuleta said. "All people want is for people to be straight up with them. I don't mind bad news. I don't mind negativity. I don't mind if somebody says to my face what my flaws are and what I'm doing wrong and what kind of person they think I am. "I welcome those kind of things because an honest assessment is all anybody wants in this business. I don't need someone to sit here and tell me how great I am: 'I'm doing good, just keep working hard.' I don't need that. I need real stuff. That's the only way I can make an evaluation as to who I am as a player."